6 PC Glow Up Acrylic Powder - Day Brights Collection

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6 PC Day Brights Collection Includes:  NEW Improved formula, fast set and new package design.

1 oz. Aqua Blue Hue (Aqua)
Daytime color is light blue vs. nighttime color turns to this exciting Aqua blue hue that describes it all.

1 oz. Hot Lava (Coral)
Daytime color is perfect coral color during the day vs, nighttime it becomes a bright but pastel orange absolutely unique.

1 oz. Radiant (Yellow)
Daytime color is a bright yellow vs. nighttime glow is ever so radiant yellow sometimes can have a hint of green.

1 oz. Pink Aura (Fuchsia)
Daytime color is a beautiful hot pink color in daytime vs. nighttime color it glows this illuminating neon pink that will light up a room.

1 oz. Glowstick (Green)
Daytime color is nice soft mint green vs. nighttime color it becomes a glamorous bright mint green.

1 oz. Starburst (Orange)
Daytime color is a pastel orange during the daytime vs. nighttime it becomes a pastel starburst orange.

Ready to use acrylic powder that is universal and can be used with any monomer liquid.
*Note - All glow powders will glow differently depending on what light it is charged in and how long it is exposed to that light. Natural sunlight, UV light or LED light works best.


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